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Competence in ancient grain

Our hulling plant and storage facility: professional equipment for maximum product safety and quality.

Our production site in Abod-Kiralykut is equipped with the following:

  • Various flat storage systems and silos with cell sizes between 50 and 1.000 tons, for raw spelt.
  • Total storage capacity of approx. 5.000 tons for raw materials.
  • Cooling and ventilation of the silo cells.
  • Storage depot for products packed in big bags.
  • Weighbridge and plant for cleaning grain on receipt, with dryer.
  • Hulling machines for husked grain.
  • Cleaning options for husked grain using screens, destoners, graders and colour sorters – for purity levels between 98% and 99.8%.
  • Polishing machine for hulled grain.
  • Pelletizing plant for the production of spelt husk pellets (animal feed).
  • Laboratory for the analysis of the physical parameters of grain.
  • Storage for reference samples of incoming and outgoing goods (samples stored for 6 months).

We receive and store part of the harvest in our production site. Here, we de-husk and store the grain under the best conditions. Moreover, we also use professional, organically certified grain storage facilities in Hungary and abroad.