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Competence in ancient grain

Menzel Christine & Robert Brandes

About us

I was born in Hamburg, and in 1988, after graduating in economics, I emigrated from Germany to Hungary. Inspired by the vision of a sustainable and meaningful way of life, I began to realise my dreams by setting up a small organic farm. To this day, the farm in the northeast of Hungary is the centre of my life.

My interest in organic farming, organic spelt in particular, led me to found Natur Gold Farms GmbH in 2000. Since then, the company has diversified its activities and expanded geographically to Hungary’s neighbouring countries. 15 years later, this led to the integration of Natur Gold Global GmbH within our group of companies. Today, this company represents our contract farming activities and the organic grain trade in Europe.

I manage the Szendrő-based company with support from Dr. Robert Brandes, a company shareholder, and a team of office and hulling plant staff. We have made it our goal to build bridges through our work between the producers from our region and processors all over Europe. Today, we collaborate closely with over 140 certified organic farms and enjoy the trust of more than 50 international customers. We are now active in 17 countries.

Natur Gold Global

Christine Menzel & the Natur Gold Global Team